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5 Wonderful Water Features to Add to Your Pool


5 Wonderful Water Features to Add to Your Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is a great feature in and of itself. Whether you use your pool predominantly for swimming laps, hosting pool parties, or as a great way to keep the kids occupied; there are also many ways in which you can enhance your pool with water features. Water features not only add beauty to your pool, but they also help create a tranquil, serene environment when you are lounging or enjoying your morning coffee poolside. Here are 5 great water features that will make your pool even more enjoyable.

1. Fountain

There are several great ways to incorporate a fountain into the side, or even the center, of your pool. Fountains are regularly used indoors because the pleasant, tinkling sound of water falling is so soothing. Incorporating a fountain into your pool area will not only enhance the view in your personal backyard oasis, but provide a pleasant sound as well. One great thing about a fountain water feature is that the water is self-contained, rather than pouring into the pool itself. This means you can still enjoy the fountain even if you shut your pool down for the winter.

2. Spillways

Spillways are created by placing several small pillars around your pool that pour out a small stream of water into the pool itself. You can even top the pillars with planter pots filled with lush tropical flowers, rich greenery, or desert dwelling plants (depending on where you live) for a doubly pleasing visual effect. The water from spillways creates a different sound than the tinkling of a fountain, but it is generally still soothing.

3. Waterfalls

There are a few different ways to create small or large waterfalls in your pool area. From water that falls from the hot tub to the pool, or from a rock feature built into the side of the pool, waterfalls create a beautiful and natural added attraction to your pool area. You can choose to have one large waterfall feature or a series of 4-6 smaller waterfalls. As a bonus, waterfalls can even be built to cover sound if you live in a busy or urban area. The higher the water starts from - or the farther it falls - the louder it is when it hits the water below. If you just want a light, pleasant, tinkling sound that doesn't detract from the silence or perhaps cover other sounds like the crashing of waves below, then you want to create small waterfalls. If you want a louder water sound to cover other outside sounds, then you want to create high or tall waterfalls.

4. Baja Step

While not technically a water feature per se, a Baja step is still a great feature that will enhance your pool area. A Baja step is a flat surface that sits in your pool just a few inches below the surface of the water. This allows you to place deck or lounge chairs in the water so you can sit with your feet in the water, but not be fully immersed in it or you can put a lounge chair in the water and enjoy the reflective effects that the surface of water provides without being submersed in the water.

5. Swim Bar

Also, while it’s not technically a water feature, but still a great addition, a swim up bar is a wonderful way to turn your pool into a true entertainment space. You can even have underwater barstools installed so guests can swim up, sit, and enjoy a refreshing beverage, while still basking in the cool water under a hot sun.

There are numerous add-ons that you can utilize to help transform an ordinary pool into a true experience. Find the one(s) that work for you and you won’t regret it.

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