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A Review of Bullfrog Spas From Robert Allen Pools & Spas


When you invest in your wellness with a Bullfrog Spa, you're not just purchasing a portable hot tub; you're opening the door to an unparalleled, customizable spa experience that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Bullfrog Spas, available at Robert Allen Pools & Spas, are the epitome of innovative design, comfort, and portability, revolutionizing the way you unwind at home.

One of the core features of Bullfrog Spas is the patented JetPak Therapy System, which grants you total control over your spa experience. You can tailor your hydrotherapy to your needs, targeting specific areas with adjustable jet power. As a result, Bullfrog Spa owners often notice improvements in their overall health, increased activity levels, and a superior work-life balance. All thanks to the power of effective hydrotherapy.

Let's take a closer look at Bullfrog's standout spa models: the M Series™A Series™, and R Series™. Each of these series provides unique benefits, ensuring there is a perfect Bullfrog Spa for every lifestyle.

M Series™ – The Elite of Spas

Experience the ultimate in luxury with the M Series™. From automated spa uncovering and privacy thanks to the CoverMate lifter to the included JetPak™ Therapy system, the M Series™ leaves no stone unturned. A water-resistant premium touch screen main control makes adjustments a breeze, and integrated waterfalls add a touch of ambiance. Bullfrog's unique EOS™ O3 spa sanitation system ensures your spa stays clean and inviting.

A Series™ – Class Meets Luxury

If you're after a blend of class and luxury, the A Series™ is for you. Alongside the JetPak™ Therapy system, you'll find premium touch controls, integrated waterfalls (except on A8L, A8, A8D), and high-density insulation to minimize heat escape in colder climates. You'll also appreciate the Patio Performance™ Cover for maximum insulation and UV ray resistance.

R Series™ – Premium Quality for Everyone

The R Series™ delivers premium quality without breaking the bank. Like its counterparts, it boasts the JetPak™ Therapy system and integrated waterfalls for an added touch of ambiance. Its Patio Performance™ Cover and high-density insulation ensure efficient operation in colder climates.

Bullfrog Spas are not only about providing a supreme relaxation experience; they're about doing so responsibly. By leveraging their revolutionary JetPak Therapy System, Bullfrog Spas require almost 90% less plumbing than traditional hot tubs, leading to significant energy savings. These energy savings can make the operational cost of a Bullfrog Spa as low as $12 per month - a testament to their commitment to efficient design.

Moreover, Bullfrog Spas stand out in the crowd with their vast range of customization options. One such feature is the FROG™ @Ease™ sanitizing system, which optimizes water cleanliness while minimizing the need for chlorine. Combine this with the ability to select your preferred jets and their location in your spa, and you have a spa experience that is uniquely yours.

What's more, you can enjoy your Bullfrog Spa all year long! The seasons are no match for the comfort and wellness benefits that a Bullfrog Spa provides.

When you choose a Bullfrog Spa, you are not only opting for a top-quality product but also aligning with a brand that is dedicated to your satisfaction. With Robert Allen Pools & Spas as your provider - boasting over 40 years of industry experience and recognition as one of the top 100 pool builders in the United States - you can be confident in your choice.

Enhance your lifestyle today with a Bullfrog Spa. Contact Robert Allen Pools & Spas, the authorized dealer for Bullfrog Spas in Reno. Our team, committed to your satisfaction and exceptional service, is ready to help you find the perfect spa for your lifestyle. Experience the Bullfrog Spa difference today - we guarantee you won't look back. 

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