How to Estimate Hot Tub Cost Before Purchase

For most people, cost plays a large role in whether or not they own a hot tub. Often, people assume that a high-quality hot tub is outside of their budget, and they don’t even consider it. Others believe that they can purchase a low-end, cheap model and get the same results as a top-of-the-line spa. However, smart consumers do their research and plan their hot tub purchase so they can get the best quality product at the best price, which is why you’re here. For more information about hot tub cost, maintenance cost, and hot tub finance options, check out the sections below.

Hot Tub Prices

Hot tub prices vary according to size, model, and accessories, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $2,000 and $18,000 on your initial purchase. The more you invest in your hot tub up front, the more included features, like durability and energy efficiency. A higher-end model will last much longer than a cheaper model and will save you money over time on maintenance and upkeep.

Hot Tub Cost

When estimating hot tub cost, you’ll also need to figure in chemicals (about $20-$40 per month), filters (about $45 each), and replacement covers. You’ll most likely need to replace your cover between four and six years after your purchase, and you can plan to spend approximately $500 for a new cover. Finally, you’ll need to include the cost of running the spa. Bullfrog Spas is the leader in energy efficiency, with an estimated monthly cost of $11.81, compared to other companies which can be as high as $18.80 per month.

Best Hot Tubs for Cold Climates

When you live in areas with colder weather, your hot tub will have to work harder to stay warm, which will result in higher energy costs. Make sure the hot tub you choose includes full-foam insulation and an advanced water delivery system, like the ones made by Bullfrog Spas, and avoid perimeter system insulation and excessive pipes and tubes. It is also wise to get a hot tub cover that is durable, fits snugly, and is strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy snowfall. Learn more about the best hot tubs for cold climates.

Hot Tub Finance Options

If you don’t have the full amount saved to cover hot tub costs, or you don’t want to use it all at once, there are several hot tub finance options available. One benefit to hot tub financing is that you are able to spread out the cost over time, which allows you to get the hot tub and features you really want. As with any big purchase, you want to gather information about all your hot tub finance options before choosing one, so you can be sure you are making the best choice for you.

Hot tubs can be financed through the dealers themselves, which is great because you can finish the approval process quickly. A personal loan is another great way to go, and allows you to compare rates before committing. You can also use a home equity loan or a HELOC. Both of these involve using the equity of your home as collateral for your hot tub cost, but a HELOC works more like a credit card with a spending limit, where a home equity loan has a predetermined total given in one lump sum.

As you conduct your research for buying a hot tub remember to also look at customer ratings to get trustworthy online reviews to make sure you are getting a great product. Get started choosing the hot tub of your dreams by visiting Robert Allen Pools and Spas today. Don’t forget to ask about our energy efficient Bullfrog Spas hot tub models.

How to Open a Pool in The Spring: Tips And Tricks

If you own a pool, you know how exciting it is once spring rolls around. That means the weather starts to warm up and it’s time to get ready to jump into the pool. But knowing how to open a pool in the spring is important.

Think about it: Your pool has been sitting untouched for several months. If not maintained and opened properly, it won’t be ready for that first swim. For those of you who enjoy a special DIY project, we’ve put together these simple steps to getting your pool ready for spring.

Step 1: The Pool Cover

You can’t get to your pool before taking off the cover. But before you do, it’s important to clear the cover of debris. This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people think they can get away with just removing the cover, causing leaves and sticks to enter the pool water.

If you have a solid pool cover, water and ice might have accumulated over the winter months. Pump out this water so it doesn't enter your pool. Simply use a wet-vac to remove the moisture. Remember to keep your cover tight so it’s easier to remove water and other debris.

Mesh covers don’t need intensive cleaning and you can just rinse them. No matter what you use, avoid pressure washers as they can damage any pool cover.

Step 2: Plugs

When you winterized your pool, the return lines were blown out to remove water. You might have also added any antifreeze or ice compensator into the pool’s skimmer. Now, it’s time to reverse that process.

First, remove all the winterizing plugs from return lines and the ice compensator from your skimmer.

Then, evacuate any antifreeze by turning the handle on your multiport valve to waste. This will push everything to the waste line as the pump is running. You’ll then want to clean out the cartridge filters—or replace them—and replace the return fittings along with any old filters.

Step 3: Refilling the Pool

Your pool should already have water in it from when you properly winterized it, but you probably lost water over time due to evaporation. It’s important to bring water levels up to halfway up your skimmer—just use a garden hose.

Step 4: Final Touches

This last step includes checking your filter, priming the pump, and making sure the water is clean. Pool owners must ensure the chemicals in the pool are properly added, as this is critical to the health and safety of the pool and those who swim in it. There are numerous YouTube videos to help you properly balance the pool’s chemicals.

To learn more about preparing your pool and how to open it during spring, give us a call. We’re experts in pool maintenance and can help you learn more about properly caring for your pool. And if you’re in any of our service areas, come see us to see how we can help.

Top 3 Swim Spots in Nevada

Nevada isn’t just known for being the entertainment capital of the U.S.--the state is also home to some of the most gorgeous swimming spots around. We can think of few better ways to spend a hot summer day than visiting one of Nevada’s famous swimming holes!

Check out some of our top picks for the best swim spots in Nevada near Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Truckee, CA.

Sand Harbor Beach - Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor is one of the best beaches at Lake Tahoe, attracting both casual swimmers and scuba divers alike. There are plenty of spots on the beach where you can soak up the sun.

However, if you’re looking for a less crowded beach experience at Sand Harbor, check out Diver’s Cove. This smaller beach offers plenty of shade from pine trees and is less visited than the sunnier portions of Sand Harbor.

Colorado River Beach - Goldstrike Canyon

This small, rocky beach is located downstream of the Hoover Dam and is one of the more pristine swim spots in Nevada near Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Truckee, CA, offering crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. You can access this swim spot either through a beautiful 4-mile trail past Goldstrike Hot Springs or in El Dorado Canyon.

Whitewater Park at Rock Park - Sparks, NV

This swim spot in Nevada offers not only some great swimming locales, but also 5 different drop pools for kayaking, tubing, and rafting.

Whitewater Park also features safe play areas for children, making this swim spot an excellent place to spend the day with your family.

Contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a beautiful swim locale for your family, contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas today! We have years of experience designing custom residential pools and offer a wide range of pool maintenance services.

How to Take Care of a Pool During the Off-Season

You swim your heart out all summer, but during the fall and cooler weather, it’s time to take care of your pool for the off-season. Once you’ve prepared your pool by draining its water and covering it, follow these tips to keep your pool in good shape for next season.

Tip 1. Check Pipes and Motorized Parts

When temperatures reach freezing levels, if there is any excess water in the pipes or pool parts it can cause them to crack by freezing inside them. If a pipe or pool part cracks, it can be quite expensive to repair or change. You can prevent leaks by checking the pipes and pool parts frequently.  Proper care of a pool can make all the difference.

Tip 2. Keep the Pool Cover On All Winter

Make sure you keep the pool cover on all winter and clean the top to keep it free from debris and frozen water. If your pool remains covered, it will stay clean and easier to prepare for the warmer season. It also prevents any accidents from happening. Children can drown in less than 2 inches of water and while during the summer we are vigilant and careful, we could become more relaxed during the cooler months.

Tip 3. Add the Right Mix of Chemicals

In the fall, add some chlorine and algaecide to keep the pool water clean during the colder months. As the weather starts warming up, start preparing your pool by adding liquid chlorine to the water. You can do this yourself or call an expert to give you a hand.

Tip 4. Get Help

Doing all of this work yourself can be daunting, so why don’t you get some help and contact someone who has the knowledge and has the experience? Robert Allen Pools and Spas can help take care of your pool during the off-season. We offer maintenance and service to ensure that your pool or spa stays in tip-top shape all year round. We serve areas around Lake Tahoe from Carson City to Reno and Sparks to Truckee, CA. Give us a call to schedule maintenance or service, today!

How to Close a Swimming Pool for the Winter

All good things must come to an end. After a fun summer season with your personal swimming pool, winter will inevitably arrive and along with it, the task of closing the pool for winter. It might seem easy enough to simply throw a cover over your pool and call it a day, but doing this will only cause further problems come next summer.

Importance of Closing Pool For Winter

Here are three reasons why you should learn how to properly close your pool for winter.

1. Regular Maintenance is Unlikely

During the regular swimming season, you were probably making sure that your personal pool was regularly maintained, including scooping out debris and occasionally changing a filter. During the winter months, however, maintaining your pool is a lot less rewarding when you have to brave chilly weather and aren’t able to utilize your pool. Closing your pool for winter will eliminate the need for regular maintenance during those winter months.

2. Debris

During the summer, having insects, leaves, or other debris fall into your pool wasn’t a big issue. Just a few minutes of work and you’re back to business as usual. However, during the winter months where you are less incentivized to maintain your pool, any debris in the pool will begin to rot, which will affect your pool’s chemical balance.

3. Time and Money

It might seem like a massive chore to properly close your pool for winter, and it many times is. But not winterizing your pool correctly will likely mean more money spent on cleaning parts and supplies, and more time spent getting your pool swimmable again. Learning how to correctly clean and close your pool for winter saves you time and money in the long run.

Contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas

If you have any questions regarding personal pools, or you are looking into closing your pool for the winter, you can contact us today via our website! You can also learn more about custom pools on our custom pools page.


4 Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

With summer gone and winter right around the corner, keeping your pool in tip-top shape isn’t likely at the top of your to-do list. However, by staying on top of your fall pool maintenance, not only can you make your workload much easier, but you can also have peace of mind knowing it will be in good condition come spring. Keep these four fall pool maintenance tips in mind when tending to your pool:

Fall Pool Maintenance Tips


1. Trim the Hedges and Trees

Trimming the trees, shrubs, hedges, and any other foliage around your pool will make your workload much easier and reduce the risk of falling branches that can damage your pool cover.

2. Clean the Filters

Having clean filters at the beginning of the cooler fall months will help to ensure your pool stays as clean and debris-free as possible.  

3. Skim the Pool

As you know, autumn brings falling leaves that can be a pain when it comes to pool maintenance. By skimming your pool on a regular basis, you can remove the leaves and debris. This can also make your workload easier come spring because it prevents the leaves from sinking and staining the bottom of your pool.

4. Keep the Cover Clean

If you choose to use a pool cover during the fall and winter months, make sure to keep it clean and free of debris. Keeping the cover clean will help to keep the pool clean, too.

Partner with the Pros

To ensure your pool is as clean as possible and to reduce your workload simultaneously, partner with the pool specialists at Robert Allen Pools and Spas. With years of pool maintenance experience, the friendly, trained professionals at Robert Allen Pool and Spa know exactly what it takes to meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in custom pool design or year-round maintenance services, Robert Allen has your back. Contact us today!

5 Pool Safety Tips to Keep the Whole Family Safe

Having a swimming pool is fantastic fun for your entire family! It is great to have a space to relax and play on long hot, summer days, and it is definitely one of the best places to make special memories with your family and friends. However, with pool ownership comes the duty of making sure everyone stays safe. If you make a point to follow these 5 important pool safety tips, you should be able to enjoy your pool without any worries!

Pool Safety Tips

1. Fence Off Your Pool

Putting up a fence or other barrier around your pool is crucial for child safety. Young children don’t understand the danger of swimming alone and a barrier keeps them out until an adult can be with them.

2. Never Leave a Young Child Unattended

Whether in or even just around the pool, never leave a child without adult supervision. A child’s guardian should be the first person to safeguard their child, even if a lifeguard is present or your child has a floatation device.

3. Check the Chemical Levels

Make sure the pool chemicals are at the proper levels and test them regularly.

4. Learn CPR

Even after taking the above preventive measures (and more), make sure you know how to perform CPR on both children and adults. A lifeguard can’t always be there—especially in your own private pool.

5. Teach Your Kids How To Swim

Take the time and money to enroll your kids in swim lessons. They will have more fun and be safer overall if they know how to swim properly.

Follow these pool safety tips and do all that you can to keep your family and friends safe. And remember, if you have any pool needs or questions, please feel free to contact us directly at Robert Allen Pools and Spas. We are happy to help you out wherever we can!

The Difference Between Hot Tubs & Spas in Reno, NV

If you are thinking about adding a hot tub or spa to your home, you have a lot of options available in Reno, NV. There are many designs to choose from, which enables you to find one that will fit your needs. Of all the choices you have, the first choice you will need to make is whether to opt for a hot tub or a spa. Of course, making that decision is easier if you know the differences between the two and the advantages of each that's why we're here to help at Robert Allen Pools & Spas in Reno, NV.

Quality Reno Hot Tubs

A hot tub is an above-ground spa that is completely self-contained in terms of its plumbing, pumps, and heating. Hot tubs are relatively portable as they sit on top of a pad like concrete and can be moved to another part of a property or to a new location altogether.

In addition to their portability, the main advantages of having a hot tub in Reno, NV is their relative energy efficiency and affordability. Hot tubs heat up quickly and hold their temperatures well. They also require little for their installation aside from a strong level pad.

Premier Bullfrog Spas

At Robert Allen Pools & Spas, we offer only the best when it comes to spas. Spa tends to be used as a general term and can also be confused with the term day-spa, which is something else entirely. In reality, a spa is a body of water built into the ground, much like an in-ground swimming pool. They are often attached to a pool or near the house and are similar to what you would find in a gym or hotel.

The main advantage of our Bullfrog spas is the value that they add to a home since a spa is a permanent addition to a property. The disadvantages of spas include the higher cost of installation and their higher energy costs since they take longer to heat and do not typically hold their temperature as well as hot tubs.

If you are looking for something more cost effective, a hot tub is probably the way to go. If you want something more permanent to add value to your home, then you should opt for a spa. Contact us today to explore options for your spa or hot tub in Truckee and beyond. We offer the best service for hot tubs and spas in Carson City, Nevada.

Must-Have Pool Features

Swimming pools are great additions to any backyard oasis. But most people don’t want just an ordinary pool, they want an experience. Robert Allen Pools and Spas offers all the amazing features you want to make your water feature ideas a reality. There is a pool accessory to fit every need.

Pool Slides

If you have children in your life and want to up the fun factor in your pool, consider a slide. We’re not talking about one of those old-fashioned clunky models. We’re talking about a sleek design embedded into the rock so the slide blends in seamlessly with the pool. It’s a great way to bring more natural elements into your pool area. They are also a lot of fun.

Waterfalls and Arcs

Water features are a great way to add dimension and ambiance to your pool. Imagine relaxing poolside with the relaxing sound of a bubbling fountain or waterfall. We have waterfalls that can match any design, from sleek and modern to a gentle cascade down rock. No matter what kind of look you want, we have the perfect option.

Another water feature that is very popular is smooth water arcs. This water feature is beautiful to look at and fun to play with. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the smooth water arcs. These not only give you a beautiful water feature in your pool, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the trickling sound of water.


Natural landscaping is a great way to integrate your pool with the surroundings. Large rocks, native landscaping, stone, and gravel are just a few natural elements that can turn a pool from humdrum to fabulous.

When it comes to water features, natural pool landscaping, waterfalls, and smooth water arcs, there are a lot of things to consider. Luckily, the professionals at Robert Allen Pools and Spas are ready to help make your water feature ideas a reality as you create the pool area of your dreams. Contact us today and see what Robert Allen Pools and Spas can do for your backyard oasis.

Swimming Pool Requirements in Nevada

You’ve made the decision to add a swimming pool or spa to create your own backyard oasis, congratulations! In addition to deciding on the design elements of your new pool or spa, there are also laws required by the state of Nevada that must be met. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Our professional staff will help you make your new swimming pool in the Reno, Nevada area safe and beautiful.

In order to keep everyone safe around a pool or spa, there are several safety requirements in Nevada. These requirements cover both in-ground and above ground pools, spas, and hot tubs and they must include:

  1. A barrier at least 48 inches above the finished ground level that is measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool.
  2. There can’t be any openings in the barrier large enough to allow a 4-inch diameter sphere to pass through it. There can’t be any indentations or protrusions except for the normal construction tolerances and masonry joints.
  3. The spacing between the vertical slats in the barrier must be no more than 1-3/4 inches wide. This includes decorative cutouts as well.
  4. The maximum mesh size for chain link fences is 1-1/4 inch square.
  5. All access gates must comply with the same requirements as the barriers and must include a door that opens away from the pool and have a self-latching device located on the pool side of the gate at least three inches below the top of the gate. There can’t be more than a 1/2 inch opening between the gate and the fence.  
  6. If the wall of a dwelling unit is part of the barrier and includes a door, a sensor must be installed on the door and screen that emits a sound when the door is opened. The alarm should sound different than other household sounds.
  7. All pools must have a power safety cover that when closed can hold at least 485 pounds of weight.


Although there are quite a few regulations for Nevada pool and spa owners, we are here to help you make sure your new pool is safe and secure. Contact us and we can help you get started designing the pool or spa of your dreams.

Five Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pool

Installing a swimming pool here in Reno can be a large investment, so it’s smart to use a checklist to make sure it will work out and bring you the results you want. Here are five key considerations.


What Type of Pool Do You Need?

If you want a pool for relaxing with children, it may be different than one used for doing laps—or you may just want it to look good in your yard. Having a clear purpose for your swimming pool from the beginning will make later decisions easier.


Discover Any Problems with Your Property

Get a geotechnical report or at least a soil test. Find out if you have a high water table or unusually rocky, sandy, or unstable soil. Consider whether your area has earthquakes, flooding, or stormwater runoff.


Where Can You Install It?

Find out if any building regulations limit how large it can be, where it can be positioned on your property, or how much fencing is allowed. Also, think about whether you’ll supervise children from inside the house, how much sun and wind exposure it will receive, and where guests will enter the area and relax.


In-Ground or Above-Ground?

Many homeowners enjoy the permanence of an in-ground pool, but excavating the soil can be costly or may not be possible. On a steep site or a location with difficult access, an above-ground pool with a deck can be an economical and attractive option, one that you can take with you to a new home if you move.


Using Concrete, Vinyl, or Fiberglass

Concrete gives you great freedom to control the size and shape of your pool, and it can be customized with a concrete “beach,” marble plaster, and more. Vinyl pools are also customizable—and inexpensive at first—but may need to be replaced after five to nine years. Fiberglass pools come in a set shape, but they’re very quick and easy to install.


Swimming pools in Reno are perfect for our hot climate! Need help planning yours? Robert Allen Pools and Spas is happy to lend our expertise. Contact us today!

What Kind of Custom Pool Style Works Best For You?

Let’s talk about your dream pool for a moment. When you see it in your mind, what does it look like? Does it have a traditional look or is it more sleek and modern? Your custom pool can be as unique as you want it to be. No matter what size or style of pool you’re thinking about, we can help you design the backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of. That’s where Robert Allen Pools and Spas comes in. We’re the experts at helping you decide the design decisions that will fit best with your vision.

Rectangle pool

This classic pool shape has been around for decades. With its perfect 90-degree angles, it lends itself to a modern style or contemporary design style while it retains that classic look. This style of pool is great for swimming laps or other kinds of water exercise. It’s also a good option if you have a long or narrow area you want to fill. It’s easy to customize a rectangular pool with gardens, a built-in spa, or a pool cover because of the classic shape. A full rectangle does require a lot of room for a large pool, but there are potential compromises like rounding off some of the edges if there isn’t that much space available.

L-shaped pool

This design is a great way to expand on the rectangular pool design. The L-shape allows you the flexibility to have the bigger open space rectangular pools are known for with the added bonus of a spa or shallow play area off to the side. It’s a great choice if you need a deeper area for diving but still want a shallow section as well. This is a great place to add stairs or incorporate zero entry into your pool design. Imagine part of the L being sheltered under a gazebo. There are a lot of possibilities.

Geometric shaped pool

If you want fewer straight lines, a geometric shaped pool is a great option. You can choose a traditional oval or kidney-shaped pool or opt for something more unique like a heart shape or a combination of shapes. You can easily add a tanning ledge, waterfall, or bench to this type of pool design. It’s easy to customize to create the exact style you’re looking for. Plus, a flexible shape can mean maximizing your swimming area if you don’t have abundant space to work with.

These are just a few of the ways Robert Allen Pools and Spas can help you customize your backyard oasis. Our talented pool designers will work with you to determine your needs and come up with a plan for your dream pool in the greater Reno and Tahoe area. Whether you want a simple, classic design or something a little more unique, let us show you how easy it is to transform your boring backyard into a stunning showpiece.

Choosing Saltwater or Chlorine for Your Custom Built Pool

Congratulations on getting a custom built pool! Now it's time to choose which type of pool system you want to be installed, saltwater or chlorinated. Here is a list of pros and cons for each type, but regardless of which way you go, you’ll be joyfully swimming in your own backyard in no time.

Custom Pool - Saltwater

For comparison, a saltwater pool contains 10 times less salt than the ocean. It’s so low, that you can’t taste or smell the salt in your pool.




Custom Pool - Chlorinated

A chlorinated pool system uses the traditional method of daily testing and adding various chemicals to kill harmful microorganisms that can cause nasty health problems.




If you want more specific and personalized advice on which type of custom built pool system is the best choice for you and your family, contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas today!


What Pool Cover Is Best for You?



One of the most important items you can buy for your pool is a high-quality pool cover, which leaves you with a choice: Which pool cover is best for your swimming pool?

Safety Pool Cover

Safety pool covers, unsurprisingly, are designed primarily around safety, which is why they are a popular choice for families with children or pets.

These pool covers are made to hold weight, which prevents kids and pets from falling through should they wander near the pool unsupervised.

You can choose between solid and mesh covers. Solid covers protect your pool from sunlight and debris, but you’ll have to pump out any accumulated water. Mesh covers protect your pool from debris, but sunlight and snow can seep through, which can lead to algae growth and dirty water.

Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers offer a lot of protection and are exceptionally easy to use, which is why they also come with a higher price tag. These covers are usually made of vinyl, and they are designed to open and close with the simple flip of a switch or push of a button.

Automatic covers can be used all year long, and they create strong seals that prevent debris, people, or pets from falling into the pool accidentally. These covers also help keep the pool warm and reduce water evaporation.

The cons include the price of installation and replacement, and some people find that the covers can keep the pool a little too warm.

Winter Pool Cover

The winter pool cover, despite its name, does not have to be exclusively used in winter when the pool is not in use. However, because of its bulk and difficulty to remove and replace, it is often only used during the winter.

These covers are made from heavy-duty materials that protect your pool from the freezing temperatures of the winter months. They also help reduce evaporation and exposure to sunlight, which in turn prevents algae growth.

It usually has to be anchored, and it often does not bear weight.

Solar Pool Cover

Many people enjoy solar pool covers because they are both inexpensive to purchase and easy to install.

These covers are designed to float freely on the surface. They can help prevent evaporation and help maintain the temperature of the pool even overnight, but because they are free-floating, they are not the most effective option for preventing debris from accumulating in the pool. Water can also easily collect on top when it rains, and these covers cannot bear weight.

At Robert Allen Pools and Spas, we are dedicated to providing you with the best swimming pools, spas, and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.

What to Look for in a Pool Contractor

So you’ve made the decision to put a pool in. Congratulations! Soon you’ll be turning your yard into your own little oasis, and increasing the value of your home at the same time. Putting in a pool is no small decision, and like most people, you probably want it done just right.

The first and most important step to getting the pool you’ve been dreaming of is finding the best pool contractor for your needs. Pool contractors execute your vision and run the show from start to finish, so you want to make sure this person shares your ideals. Here are a few guidelines to landing the right contractor for the job.



Looking for more information about pool services and contractors? If you live in the Reno, Nevada area, contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas for further help. We offer expert advice and services to anyone looking for pool installation or maintenance.

Accessories to Liven Up Your Pool Space

If you’re looking for a way to make the cold days of winter not so gloomy, why not start planning for the summer? And what better way to do that than to find new accessories for your pool? Here are 3 accessories your pool can’t do without this summer.

1. A Poolside Organizer

You have floats, toys, and dive rings for your pool, but do you have a place to keep them organized? Consider purchasing a caddy, bin, or other organizer to make storing your pool accessories easy, while keeping them accessible, and eliminating the clutter that usually covers your pool deck. Decluttering not only makes you pool area look nicer, but makes it a lot safer too.

2. A Water Feature

What better way to accentuate your pool than with a water feature? Depending on the style of your pool, you can enhance the beauty of your space by simply adding a waterfall, a fountain, or even a lighting feature. Whether it is a statement piece, or something small and simple, a water feature can really define your space and give it character.

3. A Robot Pool Cleaner

If you’re still using a brush to manually scrub the walls of your pool clean, consider upgrading to a robotic pool cleaner this year. These cleaners get the job done by themselves, eliminating the work and worry of having to do it yourself, saving you time in the process.

Take the Plunge

Planning for the warm days of summer is sure to help you forget about your winter woes, and at Robert Allen Pools and Spas, we can help. With the right pool accessories, you’ll feel those winter blues melt away in no time.

Call us today if you’d like to add a water feature to your pool!

3 Pool Designs You Should Consider

Is a pool really just a pool? There are so many options when it comes to pool design, but finding the right custom pool for your family is exactly what we do at Robert Allen Pools and Spas. Whether you are looking to install a pool to help implement a new exercise routine, for some fun recreational play, or simply to provide some aesthetics, we can help you choose from a variety of pool designs.

With that being said, below are three great pool options, each with their own unique benefits. While there are many more custom options available, take a look at these to get started. And then tell us, what is your favorite?

Pool with Wading Area

While you can add a variety of features to your pool to make it fit with your family’s needs as well as your style, a pool with a wading area is a design everyone can enjoy. The wading area is perfect for younger children (with adult supervision of course), while the other areas allow for more play and swim time for the older crew. The wading area is also an ideal spot for simply soaking up the sun and laying out no matter what age you might be.

Pool and Spa Combination

While some people enjoy swimming, others prefer a more relaxing soak. The pool and spa combination is the perfect solution where everyone in your family wins! It offers space for more rigorous swimming and play, but also provides a peaceful resting spot for those who just want to relax.

Lap Pool

Not all pools are meant to provide total relaxation. While you can still lounge in a lap pool, its main purpose is to provide you with a space to exercise and do, well, laps. If you need a functional place to train, this is always a great option.

If you would like to see more pool design options, check out our website at Robert Allen Pools and Spas, or call us today.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Indoor Pools

Safety is paramount when maintaining an indoor pool, especially when you’re using chemicals to clean and sanitize the water. Common sense can take you a long way, of course, but keep in mind these additional tips for pool maintenance, so you can be sure all your family and friends can enjoy your pool safely, year-round.

Chemical Safety

Basic pool maintenance involves handling chemicals that can be hazardous without proper precautions. Improperly handling chemicals can lead to chemical burns as well as other health hazards if toxic fumes are inhaled. Pool chemicals are designed to dissolve in a large body of water, which means they are often quite concentrated to begin with.

The following safety tips can help you handle your pool chemicals safely:

Pools that aren’t treated with chemicals attract disease-causing mosquitoes and bacteria, so be sure to maintain the proper pool chemistry at all times.

Pool Maintenance Safety

When it comes to performing maintenance tasks on your indoor pool, follow these safety tips:

Contact Us

To learn more about our pools and spas, contact Robert Allen Pools and Spas in Reno, Nevada. We are experts in pool and spa safety and here to make sure you and your family are safe in the water.