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How to Close a Swimming Pool for the Winter


All good things must come to an end. After a fun summer season with your personal swimming pool, winter will inevitably arrive and along with it, the task of closing the pool for winter. It might seem easy enough to simply throw a cover over your pool and call it a day, but doing this will only cause further problems come next summer.

Importance of Closing Pool For Winter

Here are three reasons why you should learn how to properly close your pool for winter.

1. Regular Maintenance is Unlikely

During the regular swimming season, you were probably making sure that your personal pool was regularly maintained, including scooping out debris and occasionally changing a filter. During the winter months, however, maintaining your pool is a lot less rewarding when you have to brave chilly weather and aren’t able to utilize your pool. Closing your pool for winter will eliminate the need for regular maintenance during those winter months.

2. Debris

During the summer, having insects, leaves, or other debris fall into your pool wasn’t a big issue. Just a few minutes of work and you’re back to business as usual. However, during the winter months where you are less incentivized to maintain your pool, any debris in the pool will begin to rot, which will affect your pool’s chemical balance. 

3. Time and Money

It might seem like a massive chore to properly close your pool for winter, and it many times is. But not winterizing your pool correctly will likely mean more money spent on cleaning parts and supplies, and more time spent getting your pool swimmable again. Learning how to correctly clean and close your pool for winter saves you time and money in the long run.

How to Close a Swimming Pool for the Winter

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