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4 Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance


With summer gone and winter right around the corner, keeping your pool in tip-top shape isn’t likely at the top of your to-do list. However, by staying on top of your fall pool maintenance, not only can you make your workload much easier, but you can also have peace of mind knowing it will be in good condition come spring. Keep these four fall pool maintenance tips in mind when tending to your pool:

Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

4 Tips for Fall Pool Maintenance

1. Trim the Hedges and Trees

Trimming the trees, shrubs, hedges, and any other foliage around your pool will make your workload much easier and reduce the risk of falling branches that can damage your pool cover.

2. Clean the Filters

Having clean filters at the beginning of the cooler fall months will help to ensure your pool stays as clean and debris-free as possible.  

3. Skim the Pool

As you know, autumn brings falling leaves that can be a pain when it comes to pool maintenance. By skimming your pool on a regular basis, you can remove the leaves and debris. This can also make your workload easier come spring because it prevents the leaves from sinking and staining the bottom of your pool.

4. Keep the Cover Clean

If you choose to use a pool cover during the fall and winter months, make sure to keep it clean and free of debris. Keeping the cover clean will help to keep the pool clean, too. 

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