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Five Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pool


Installing a swimming pool here in Reno can be a large investment, so it’s smart to use a checklist to make sure it will work out and bring you the results you want. Here are five key considerations.

Five Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pool

What Type of Pool Do You Need?

If you want a pool for relaxing with children, it may be different than one used for doing laps—or you may just want it to look good in your yard. Having a clear purpose for your swimming pool from the beginning will make later decisions easier.

Discover Any Problems with Your Property

Get a geotechnical report or at least a soil test. Find out if you have a high water table or unusually rocky, sandy, or unstable soil. Consider whether your area has earthquakes, flooding, or stormwater runoff. 

Where Can You Install It?

Find out if any building regulations limit how large it can be, where it can be positioned on your property, or how much fencing is allowed. Also, think about whether you’ll supervise children from inside the house, how much sun and wind exposure it will receive, and where guests will enter the area and relax.

In-Ground or Above-Ground?

Many homeowners enjoy the permanence of an in-ground pool, but excavating the soil can be costly or may not be possible. On a steep site or a location with difficult access, an above-ground pool with a deck can be an economical and attractive option, one that you can take with you to a new home if you move.

Using Concrete, Vinyl, or Fiberglass

Concrete gives you great freedom to control the size and shape of your pool, and it can be customized with a concrete “beach,” marble plaster, and more. Vinyl pools are also customizable—and inexpensive at first—but may need to be replaced after five to nine years. Fiberglass pools come in a set shape, but they’re very quick and easy to install. 

Swimming pools in Reno are perfect for our hot climate! Need help planning yours? Robert Allen Pools and Spas is happy to lend our expertise. Contact us today!

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