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Hosting the Holidays From Your Hot Tub


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You gather your daily mail to find your first holiday card of the year and along with it is an invitation to a party. 'Tis the season for holiday parties once again. You would like to gather a group of your friends for a casual meet and greet, but you don't want to throw the same old type of holiday party that everyone will be expecting. Why not bring a little summer to your holiday party by putting your hot tub to work and throwing a holiday hot tub party?

A Christmas or New Year's hot tub party may seem like a strange idea for the coldest months of the year, but your guests will long remember their experience and the feelings of summer that your party will stir within them. However, to successfully pull off a holiday hot tub party it takes some planning and preparation. Before you send out the invitations for your event, there are some important details and valuable things to consider such as:


  • Send out invitations early enough so guests have time to plan to attend.
  • Don't invite more guests than your home/tub can entertain comfortably.
  • Plan for shifts in the tub and the entertainment to maximize the tub space and use.
  • Supply extra items such as towels, sandals, and swimsuits for those guests who forgot or last minute arrivals.
  • Heat the tub up early. Each tub is different, but generally you should allow 30 minutes for every one degree that you want the tub to heat.


  • Make sure your tub and entertainment area are clean and appropriately decorated.
  • Outdoor Christmas lights create a great party ambiance and overall lighting element. (Safety first: keep all electrical plugs and lines a safe distance from the tub/water and off the ground if possible.
  • Utilize paper plates, plastic dinnerware, and plastic cups to minimize dishes.
  • Supply large trash receptacles with clearly marked recycling labels.


  • Remember to test the system to assure that everything is working properly and your music can be heard clearly.
  • Don't forget to bring on the tunes. Holiday appropriate or socially accepted music is recommended.
  • Have an assortment of different types of music so that you can change the music with the mood of the party or change the mood of the party by cranking up the tunes.


  • Provide an assortment of drinks for your guests. This list needs to include non-alcoholic and tasty refreshments for those who do not drink or who are driving.
  • For holiday themed parties, it is a good idea to concoct a signature or holiday themed cocktail to present at the party. This way, everyone can enjoy a tasty libation at their leisure and you won't have to mix a million different drinks.
  • Safety note: It is recommended that if you are going to drink you should take part in the tub first. The heat from the tub may increase your intoxication level and even increase your chances of suffering a hangover the next day.
  • Plastic drink ware and floating drink holders will keep drinks readily accessible.
  • Write guests names on their plastic cups to avoid confusion and minimize abandoned drinks.


  • Provide an assortment of food and snacks.
  • The snacks should be easily portable so your guests can mingle, converse, and enjoy your party. Easy foods such as egg rolls, veggies and dip, kabobs, nachos, and other finger foods are the best for guests.
  • Bite size portions or snacks that are on a stick are the easiest and most portable foods.
  • Use your imagination to create your own flavor pairings on kebobs or arrange an assortment of different holiday themed kabobs from which your guests can choose.


  • Provide waterproof playing cards for your guests or utilize the cards and arrange for a hot tub poker card tournament where guests start out in the tub but must exit the tub once they have gone broke.
  • Floating furniture such as tables and drink trays will keep guests happy and in the tub.
  • Floating game boards can make for an interesting and fun time. You can split up guest’s time in the tub by setting time limits and having new players "take over" a spot in the tub.
  • Gather holiday themed waterproof items and put them in the bottom of the tub; colored glow sticks are an effective item. Time the game participants as they try to retrieve the items with their feet; guest with the shortest time wins.

The most important detail is to have FUN! Your guests will feel more at ease and have a better time if they can see that you are not stressing out but also enjoying the party and their company. A few preparations and a little forethought will make your Christmas or New Year's party the one that partiers will be talking about and looking forward to next year. Incorporate these simple but effective guidelines above to ensure that you throw your most memorable holiday hot tub party ever!