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Landscaping Your Personal Paradise: Ideas for Your Backyard Pool


Landscaping Your Personal Paradise: Ideas for Your Backyard Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool or are in the process of building one, you know that comfort is key, and appearance is everything. Pools should be hubs of social activity and a place of serene escape in which you can enjoy friends and family. A well-planned landscaping project can transform an ordinary backyard into an oasis of relaxation and refreshment. Here are some tips that you can use to transform your backyard into your personal paradise.

1. R and R

Rest and relaxation are reasons that people cite when lounging poolside. Eliminate flimsy deck chairs and chintzy floatation devices and opt for something a little bit more permanent, like solid chairs installed as part of your landscape. Permanent furniture sends the message that this play is to be taken seriously.

2. Home Spa Recreation

A pool is a wonderful excuse to pamper yourself and to feel like you are experiencing the spa at home. Including items that are simple in nature, like natural or white colored stone blended with rich, lush greenery will have you searching for your terrycloth robe after a treatment.

3. Keeping It Playful

A pool is a place to create memories with family and friends. Choosing landscaping materials like smooth, even stone for deck surfaces, soft grass surfaces and kid friendly plants will ensure that everyone is having a good time and staying safe.

4. Woodland Splendor

Creating a landscape oasis from recycled items like split wood, barn timber or raw lumber will inspire a rustic look at a fraction of the cost. Building a free-standing wood burning fireplace will keep you cozy on cool nights while providing some intimate flair.

5. Grecian Gods and Goddesses

For those of us wishing to create the grandeur of the Roman empire on a simpler budget, including items in your landscape such as structures with columns, replicas of statues, and Italian marble will inspire the Greek gods and goddesses to pay you a visit in your sanctuary from time to time.

6. Latin American Fiesta

Surrounding your party atmosphere with the bold lines and colors of Latin America will ensure that every gathering is festive and celebratory. Choosing materials to construct your pool such as clay tiles and earth tones will lay the groundwork for a flair that inspires Latin American cuisine and refreshment.

7. Find Your Zen

There is something very peaceful and calming about the energy of water. Poolside yoga and meditation in the morning is the perfect way to start the day. Make sure you channel your inner zen master when choosing materials for your landscape such as simplistic pool design, lush greenery and windchimes to keep the space focused and meditative. The addition of a natural stone fireplace adds another element of balance to a very spiritual atmosphere.

8. Build with Entertainment in Mind

Know ahead of time what you intend to use your poolside space for----if the plan is to accommodate large groups of people, build a space that can house a large party of guests. Providing spaces for comfortable seating, standing, and the addition of an outdoor kitchen and entertainment center will make your gathering space the coveted place to be for social celebrations.

9. Tropical Paradise

Bring the flavor of the Hawaiian Islands to your backyard. Using unique combinations of volcanic stone, lush greenery, tiki statues, and tropical florals will relax and refresh you as you retreat to your individual island paradise.

10. A Little Something for Everyone

Making your poolside gathering space something that everyone can enjoy is the key to getting the most use out of your space. Providing easy access to pool and deck areas as well as multiple spaces for play, relaxation and recreation will ensure that no matter what the occasion, all guests and family members are accommodated.

An inviting pool space should be a natural extension of your home--something that fits in style, function, and size. Creating the perfect environment for yourself and for guests will, in turn, create lasting memories for all as you relax and refresh.

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