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Must-Have Pool Features


Swimming pools are great additions to any backyard oasis. But most people don’t want just an ordinary pool, they want an experience. Robert Allen Pools and Spas offers all the amazing features you want to make your water feature ideas a reality. There is a pool accessory to fit every need.

Pool Slides

If you have children in your life and want to up the fun factor in your pool, consider a slide. We’re not talking about one of those old-fashioned clunky models. We’re talking about a sleek design embedded into the rock so the slide blends in seamlessly with the pool. It’s a great way to bring more natural elements into your pool area. They are also a lot of fun. 

Waterfalls and Arcs

Must-Have Pool Features

Water features are a great way to add dimension and ambiance to your pool. Imagine relaxing poolside with the relaxing sound of a bubbling fountain or waterfall. We have waterfalls that can match any design, from sleek and modern to a gentle cascade down rock. No matter what kind of look you want, we have the perfect option. 

Another water feature that is very popular is smooth water arcs. This water feature is beautiful to look at and fun to play with. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the smooth water arcs. These not only give you a beautiful water feature in your pool, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the trickling sound of water. 


Natural landscaping is a great way to integrate your pool with the surroundings. Large rocks, native landscaping, stone, and gravel are just a few natural elements that can turn a pool from humdrum to fabulous. 

When it comes to water features, natural pool landscaping, waterfalls, and smooth water arcs, there are a lot of things to consider. Luckily, the professionals at Robert Allen Pools and Spas are ready to help make your water feature ideas a reality as you create the pool area of your dreams. Contact us today and see what Robert Allen Pools and Spas can do for your backyard oasis. 

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