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Pool Construction: What You Need to Know


Pool Construction: What You Need to Know

Most people love the presence of a pool in their backyard, as it can provide relaxation at the end of the day, burn calories easily, adds a way to spend valuable family time, etc. Also, many people think that as a status symbol, they wanted to have a wonderful swimming pool on their lawn. Most of them are not aware where to reference the information on how to construct a swimming pool, what are the procedures, and what steps they need to construct it. Before constructing a pool, you should know some facts, as these can help in building the pool better.

Know What Type of Pool You Wanted?

There are many types of pools depending on what you want to use it for. The most prominent type is a swimming pool and this is the one which most people want. Even swimming pools are also generally put into two types per the placement in the ground. An above-ground pool is a mostly readymade pool which is placed on the ground. An inground pool is constructed by digging the ground and building up to ground level.

Construction Material

There are three types of pools according to what type of construction materials you use: the concrete pool, vinyl lined pool, and fiberglass pool. Concrete pools are the most popular and custom pool type that can be built per your choice. It can be of any shape or size. Digging the ground, constructing the pool with concrete, and then texturing the surface or putting tiles complete the general work. It can take a longer time (sometimes up to 12 weeks) to complete the entire work, but it is more durable than other pools.

On the other hand, vinyl pools use flexible liners, are put in dug out holes in the ground, and fixed to a frame which is mostly made of steel or aluminum. These pools are easy to construct and less costly. However, if you plan to install this at your home, be informed that toys, sharp objects, and pets can damage or puncture the pool. Usually, the construction can be completed within 1 to 3 weeks.

Fiberglass pools are readymade pools that are molded in factories, are light weight, and have high durability. You can use a crane to install it in the ground. The pool installation is usually quicker; sometimes taking up to three days. It is non-porous, which cuts down on algae growth. As it comes in specific sizes and shapes, the transportation of the pool from factories is a hefty job, as many roads and some states may restrict the journey of fiberglass pool carrying trucks.

Size and Depth of the Pool

In the case of rectangular pools, the length and breadth of the pool can be in the ratio of 2:1. Therefore, an average family can use 16' x 32', 18' x 36', or 20' x 40' size per their requirements. While considering the depth, it is good to have a 3 feet depth at the shallow end and 6 to 7 feet at the deep end. If there are no children in the family, the depth can be uniform at 6 feet or 7 feet. While considering other shaped pools, the specific needs of the family should decide the size and depth of the pool according to its shape.

Regulatory Requirements and Pool Site

Inground pools come under building and zoning regulations, as it is considered as a home-improvement. Therefore, a building permit is mandatory before starting the work. Remember that the rules change with differing states and cities, but they normally check the distance from the site to property lines, wells, septic tanks, sewer lines, and other things. Also, they may ask for stricter fencing rules and wicket gates. The detailed rules and regulations can be collected from the local building department.

When choosing the pool site, always choose high areas so no flooding can bring muddy water into the pool. Choose an area where you can effectively utilize the sunlight to keep the water warm and fresh. Also, it is good to set up in an area where winds are blocked, as it would reduce the evaporation of water.

Nowadays, pools are used for various purposes, as it can be used for relaxing from any tensions, have parties on the pool deck, exercise, or enjoy family time. Now’s the time to be the beneficiary of the health and well-being effects that a swimming pool offers.

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