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Reno Hot Tub Prices


How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost in Reno?

Your quick guide to local hot tub prices

Reno Hot Tub Prices

We hear it all the time: "What is the price of your hot tubs?" Or sometimes it's asked more generally, "How much do hot tubs cost?"

It's understandable. Hot tub prices aren't usually published online and people aren't always familiar with pricing of hot tubs or the product category in general. When most people ask this, they simply want a ballpark price on a hot tub here in Reno or wherever you are. As retailers of premium hot tubs, we want to give that price to you but it isn't always so simple. There are differences in hot tub quality, engineering, and build that aren't visible on the surface. There are also big differences in the support and expertise of your dealer. Add to this the cost of ownership over time that comes from energy efficiency and durability and you have many variables affecting value and price.

Even though we can't definitively tell you a hot tub costs X dollars, we do want to help and so we decided to write this quick article to help you arrive at an approximate range to answer "How much does a hot tub cost?" in terms of your situation, location, and preferences.

What Type of Hot Tub do You Want?

Reno Hot Tub Prices

You may or may not know it but hot tubs actually differ widely in quality, materials, therapy options, and features. Some you can blow up with a pump, others are precision-made using the most advanced composites, and others are completely customized. So, because there are big differences, when you are looking for prices on hot tubs you will see quite a range.

Here at Robert Allen Pools and Spas we have chosen to sell Bullfrog Spas, a premium portable hot tub brand with best-in-class design, workmanship, and reliability. We believe in quality products that work the way they should for a long time. We also believe you should be able to afford this kind of quality, so Bullfrog Spas offers a complete line, from the entry-level spa with basic jetting to the finest premium spas being made today in terms of technology, design and features. All Bullfrog Spas are built to last.

So What's the Price of a Hot Tub?

Cheap Hot Tub Prices

For a cheap hot tub (which we neither sell, nor recommend) like the kind you blow up with a pump or the kind that looks like your plastic kayak or picnic table, you can expect to pay $500 to $3000 at the time of initial purchase. However, from there you will pay a lot more in energy costs and tears of regret. We have heard horror stories of inflated energy bills and problems. We just don't feel like this kind of product has much place in your home or life if you really want to relax for years to come.

Cheap Hot Tub Cost:

$500 - $3000 initial cost + high energy use and regret

Entry Level Hot Tub Prices

Entry Level Hot Tub Prices

Ok, now we're talking about hot tubs that may be worth your time and money, MAY be worth it. We'll explain. This category of hot tubs is made from acrylic or other hard surface shell material and includes entry level Bullfrog Spas and a few other basic spas made by reputable brands. However, you will also find a lot of spas being passed off as "premium" in this category that look pretty darn good on the surface. Some have lots of lights and jets, but underneath this flashy surface, most of these spas are not all they should be. Some of these are sold at travelling spa shows, at less reputable retailers, online ecommerce sites, or you might find them sold by your local big box stores. You can expect to find entry level spas in the $3500 to $5500 range.

If you decide this is the limit of your budget, you really need to shop well, or just ask us about a basic Bullfrog Spa and we'll be happy to help.

Entry Level Hot Tub Cost:

$3500 - $5500 initial cost + higher energy use

Mid-Range Hot Tub Prices

Mid-Range Hot Tub Prices

This category of hot tubs includes quality spas made by reputable hot tub manufacturers with a lot of really nice features. Most of these spas are engineered well and made with quality materials and components. If your budget is in this range you do have to watch for some of the big box spas, online-only spas, and even some spas sold by dealers that don't quite measure up; however, most spas sold in this range provide a quality relaxation experience. You should also get a nice warranty with these spas that will back up your purchase in the future.

We sell several Bullfrog Spa models in this range. In terms of quality, engineering, features and value these mid-range Bullfrog Spas clearly lead this category and actually compare favorably or surpass most manufacturer's premium lines.

Mid Range Hot Tub Cost:

$6000 - $8000 initial cost + low energy use

Premium Hot Tub Prices

Premium Hot Tub Prices

This category of hot tubs is the best of the best. These spas are well designed, precision engineered, built with the finest materials and components and will impress in every way. Only the top end of portable hot tub manufacturers build truly premium hot tubs and you won't find a real premium spa being sold online or at big box stores. Most Bullfrog Spas, including the all new STIL and the top-of-the-line A Series, fit in this category. These are wonderful hot tubs that are reliable, durable, therapeutic and relaxing in every way. Additionally, premium hot tubs are supported by expert dealers and backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Premium Hot Tub Cost:

$8000 - $18000 initial cost + ultra low energy use


You have a lot of options in hot tubs out there. Whatever spa you choose, you will love the relaxation and enjoyment it brings to your life. That said, there truly is value in doing your research and thinking about how spa quality and energy efficiency will add even more value and reduce costs of ownership over time. Please feel free to call us or visit us at our retail store for more information. Happy relaxing!

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