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When Should I Open My Pool?


If you are a pool owner that lives in an area with four seasons, you have asked yourself when should I open my pool? Fortunately for you, I have come up with a multitude of factors to consider when deciding when to open your pool. Your pool opening should be as painless as possible and we're here to help.

1. Weather

When asking yourself, when should I open my pool weather should be your first consideration. You own a pool to enjoy it, as well as the conditions outside. If the weather is unfavorable you will not be using your pool. Always look at the current weather forecast as well as past years prior to opening your pool.

When Should I Open My Pool?

2. Company Availability

When spring hits most people are chomping at the bit to get their pool open and begin using it. If you don't feel comfortable opening it yourself, chances are you are going to call a pool company to do it for you. Most companies get booked up quickly when that nice weather hits and you may find yourself having to wait a month or two to get your pool opening scheduled. This may seem to contradict the first option and it does. To avoid any issues with weather, or company availability, call and schedule your opening a few months ahead of time. It may require some guesswork with the weather but if you do some research concerning weather patterns in your area you will usually be able to accurately guess the best time for your pool opening.

3. When Did You Close Your Pool?

The longer water sits stagnant in your pool without circulation, the more bacteria will grow and the cloudier or greener it will become. There are a number of other factors that come into play here such as the amount of biodegradable material in the water, chemicals added to the water, and so on. If your pool is consistently green when you open then you may want to consider opening it earlier in the spring or pulling leaves out of the water throughout the winter while also adding chlorine.

Of course, you may have different reasons that are the determining factor for the date of your pool opening, however, if that is not the case taking these three factors into consideration will help you determine the best time to open your pool.

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