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Which Hot Tub and Spa Will Best Suit Your Lifestyle?


Which Hot Tub and Spa Will Best Suit Your Lifestyle?

Not all hot tubs and spas are made the same as they are each designed to serve different needs and wants based on your lifestyle. With that in mind, it’s important to think about what you are expecting from your custom hot tub or spa and how you plan to use it. Is your spa or hot tub just for recreational use or is it a key source of therapy for you? How big do you need your spa to be? What sort of maintenance issues are you concerned about? All of these questions can help you make a decision regarding your hot tub installation.   

Several years ago, Robert Allen Pools & Spas chose to feature Bullfrog Spas as our premium spa line for several reasons, but above all, we truly believe that their USA-made quality, energy efficiency, and patented JetPak Therapy System are the most advanced in the industry. Bullfrog Spas has allowed us to provide Northern Nevada with premier hot tubs and spas thanks to their quality and reliability. The track record of these spas has been superb and their JetPaks make them the most personalized and therapeutic hot tubs available. 

The Bullfrog STIL™ Spas

When Bullfrog Spas came out with their STIL models, we knew these were going to be our favorite option for most homeowners interested in our hot tub installation services. STIL offers two available spa options for purchase, the STIL5 and the STIL7.

STIL™ hot tubs are extremely comfortable. The design of the JetPak Therapy System allows you to mix and match for the perfect combination of bio-engineered hydrotherapy of your choice. And the layout is an open concept providing you with a variety of seating possibilities. You are able to choose three JetPaks of your choice to design the massage package that works best for you and your needs. The seating angle is perfect for ultimate relaxation, not too reclined, yet relaxed enough for totally escaping your worries.

STIL’s modern design and sleek aesthetic also make it a great choice of hot tub for most homeowners. They are made with a 100 percent wood-free composite structure to prevent any issues with maintenance, warping, or corrosion. And, you’re able to customize the size, amount of layers, color combinations, and styles to suit your preferences. 


STIL5 is a gorgeous and sleek modern spa that comfortably seats 1-4 people. With 4 bucket seats and 2 lounger seats, you have the option to fully soak in the tub for optimal relaxation, or sit up and fit more people in with you. While considered a compact spa, this model is the smaller of the two STIL spas but provides the same relaxation. The STIL5 includes your choice of three soothing JetPak™ massages for a personalized hydromassage experience and has plenty of great customization options. 

One such addition you may incorporate into your spa is the FROG™ @Ease™ sanitizing system which produces clean mineral water for an additional bonus in boosting your health. The JetPak system can also be customized so not only are you able to select the jets that will go into your spa but also allows for what seats you’d like each JetPak to go into. You can now place your favorite jets into your favorite seat which is only found in a Bullfrog Spa.



The STIL7 is also designed with 2 dedicated lounges and multiple bucket seats for flexible open-concept seating and easy customization. Largely, what differentiates the two spas is their size. While the STIL5 is a compact model only seating a maximum of 4 people, the STIL7 comfortably seats up to 6 people. There are more jets and more room to spread out in this model, making it ideal for larger families or those who like to entertain. All of the same customization options are available with the STIL7 model as with the STIL5. 

Hot Tub Installation With Robert Allen Pools & Spas

At Robert Allen Pools and Spas, we’ve put our trust in the quality of Bullfrog Spas for over 5 years and have never been disappointed. If you appreciate a sleek, modern design, along with premium quality and optional functionality, then these luxury hot tubs may be the perfect fit for your home. Reach out today to schedule your portable hot tub installation with us!