You gather your daily mail to find your first holiday card of the year and along with it is an invitation to a party. 'Tis the season for holiday parties once again. You would like to gather a group of your friends for a casual meet and greet, but you don't want to throw the same old type of holiday party that everyone will be expecting. Why not bring a little summer to your holiday party by putting your hot tub to work and throwing a holiday hot tub party?

A Christmas or New Year's hot tub party may seem like a strange idea for the coldest months of the year, but your guests will long remember their experience and the feelings of summer that your party will stir within them. However, to successfully pull off a holiday hot tub party it takes some planning and preparation. Before you send out the invitations for your event, there are some important details and valuable things to consider such as:







The most important detail is to have FUN! Your guests will feel more at ease and have a better time if they can see that you are not stressing out but also enjoying the party and their company. A few preparations and a little forethought will make your Christmas or New Year's party the one that partiers will be talking about and looking forward to next year. Incorporate these simple but effective guidelines above to ensure that you throw your most memorable holiday hot tub party ever!

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