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We are Reno/Tahoe’s only Authorized Dealer and Service Center for Bullfrog pools and Spas. 

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“Love these guys at Robert Allen Pools and Spas. Great tubs, helpful, and they continue to provide service after 18 years!”- Dianne K.
Bullfrog Spas is the premier hot tub brand on the market today and features the patented JetPak Therapy System which allows you to completely customize your hydrotherapy routine for maximum relaxation. Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient and durable portable hot tubs and spas. So many users of the pools and spas have noticed a positive change in their overall health, felt more active, and adapted to a better work-life balance. When it comes to your Bullfrog Spa, you deserve a beautiful and high-quality place to unwind. Stop by our showroom today to see one for yourself and find which spa fits your lifestyle!

Our showroom highlights the models: M Series™, A Series™, and R Series™.

We serve the Reno/Sparks, Truckee, Carson City, and Tahoe.
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built to last hot tubs

built to last

Bullfrog Spas are precision engineered and built in the USA with a 100% wood-free composite structure. A support structure with no wood or metal means no rotting, warping or corrosion over time. Only Bullfrog Spas give you the peace of mind that comes from a well built spa that is reliable, durable, and easy to operate.
custom hot tubs

More Custom Options

Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs with the patented JetPak Therapy System. JetPaks give you more options and the opportunity to completely personalize your hot tub. Need more or less jet power after a long workout? The ability to change the streams as needed is possible thanks to the intuitive JetPak technology. This unique system is the leader in providing quality lower back therapy with its interchangeable jet options. With powerful, reliable, and efficient jets, it’s just what you need to let all of your stress and anxiety dissipate. No need to worry about back issues limiting your quality of life too – just hop into your Bullfrog pool!
energy efficient

more energy efficient

Bullfrog Spas are designed better. The revolutionary JetPak Therapy System is a more efficient way to get water from pumps to jets and uses nearly 90% less plumbing than conventional hot tubs. The result – you save money on your energy bill. Bullfrog Spas can cost as little as $12 a month to operate.


Why should you choose a Bullfrog spa?

Bullfrog pools and spas are assembled in the United States with low maintenance and long lasting quality in mind for its users. With less plumbing, a more efficient water delivery system, and a premium cover to keep your spa water hot and save you money, a Bullfrog spa in Reno is the perfect addition to your home.

What makes a Bullfrog pool or spa unique?

Bullfrog spas are unique because of the selection of premium portable spas and hot tubs of all sizes, layers, color combinations and styles to suit your needs. With different lines of Bullfrog pools and spas like the X, R, A, and M series, we offer a pool and spa available for every lifestyle. quality materials. We also have authorized dealers across the country such as Robert Allen Pools and Spas that are eager to assist with any questions or upgrades.

What are some of the different ways to customize your Bullfrog spa?

There are a lot of great options for customizing your Bullfrog spa, like the all new FROG™ @Ease™ sanitizing system to produce the cleanest, highest quality mineral water possible without using any chlorine. All in all, the need to use less chlorine is a win for the environment, your wallet, and for the overall quality of the water too.

The JetPak system not only allows for you to select the jets that will go into your spa but also allows for what seats you’d like each JetPak to go into. You can now place customized jets into your favorite seat, an option available only in Bullfrog Spas.

What makes a JetPak ™ system unique?

The JetPak™ system provides massage jet options customized to your hydrotherapy needs. Whether you need relaxation, stress relief, or focused lower back therapy, JetPaks™ will enhance your Bullfrog spa experience. With eighteen different options, any one of them is a fantastic choice for your Bullfrog spa to improve your health and well being.

Can you use a bullfrog spa all year long?


How Does Each Bullfrog Spa Model Differ?

There are several Bull Frog Spa models and trims, and we recommend checking out the in-depth comparisons at bullfrogspas.com. Here’s a quick comparison before you head over there:

M Series

Elite Series
Available Trims: M9, M8, M7, M6

Color Options: 3 for Interior, 4 for Exterior, 2 for Accents, 2 for Jet Trim

M Series Included Features:

  • CoverMate lifter for automated spa uncovering & privacy
  • Patio Performance™ Cover with Smart Sensor Functionality to alert you via push notifications when the cover has been lifted
  • The JetPak™ Therapy system with your choice of jet pattern is included with each M series
  • Water resistant Premium Touch Screen Main Control
  • In-Seat Multi Function Control Centers that adjust jets, lighting, and volume
  • Wood-free EnduraFrame™ Construction that eliminates warping and rotting
  • Simplicity™ Filtration System with space-saving, flat filter design
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Integrated waterfalls for ambiance
  • EOS™ O3 spa sanitation system
  • Dedicated filtration pump

A Series

Luxury Class
Available Trims: A9L, A8, A8L, A8D, A7, A7L, A6, A6L, A5L

Color Options: 8 for Interior, 5 for Exterior, 2 for Covers

A Series Included Features:

  • The JetPak™ Therapy system with your choice of jet pattern
  • Premium Touch Controls for water temperature, lighting, jets, and more
  • Integrated waterfalls for ambiance *Not included on A8L, A8, A8D
  • Wood-free EnduraFrame™ Construction that eliminates warping and rotting
  • Premium Spa Lighting
  • Patio Performance™ Cover for maximum insulation and UV ray resistance
  • High-Density Insulation for minimal heat escape in cold climates

R Series

Premium Class

Available Trims: R8, R8L, R7, R7L, R6, R6L, R5L

Color Options: 8 for Interior Shell & JetPaks, 2 for Exterior, 2 for Covers

R Series Included Features:

  • The JetPak™ Therapy system with your choice of jet pattern
  • Integrated waterfalls for ambiance
  • Wood-free EnduraFrame™ Construction that eliminates warping and rotting
  • Patio Performance™ Cover for maximum insulation and UV ray resistance
  • High-Density Insulation for minimal heat escape in cold climates


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